How NOT To Save On IT Expenses – a $10 router story

Today’s story can be said to be the most astonishing and remarkable but ultimately foolish way you will ever hear of saving money on IT. A hint before you go on – it involves millions of dollars and a $10 router.

The Bank And Its $10 Router

A couple of months back, news broke that millions has been discovered to be stolen from Bangladesh’s central bank by hackers. The investigation has been going around to determine where the loops came from, something has been hindering them in their investigation .. A $10 router the bank is using! That’s right, a bank that has billions of dollars (the hackers planned to steal 1 billion if the hack wasn’t discovered) uses a $10 router, no firewall or any other network security devices for its network!

Easy Money For The Hackers

Basically, the hackers have an easy pass to the mountains of money in the bank without any firewall blocking or stopping them. Of course, having a firewall does not guarantee hackers cannot get in, what makes it worse is that because of the cheap router limitation, it does not collect any useful network data information for forensic investigators to trace the attacks. This means a second hack attack is possible since nobody knows where and how the hackers got in.

Taking Responsibility For Your Network

Some of you may not handle millions or billions of dollars, still, the consequences of a hacking attack or virus outbreak are very real and costly to a company. We know clients will always try to save on IT expenses they don’t see as necessary, however, we have been in this line for so long that we know what are the consequences of saving a few bucks. Hence to mark ourselves as truly being an IT partner with our fully managed clients and taking responsibility for their network, we put in our firewall to ensure their networks are essentially secured.

Think of IT as Revenue Generating

We are always amazed at the way people try to save money on IT expenses, from not replacing old slow computers to using non supported software, which in turn give them productivity and security issues. Companies have to find ways to save their resources, however if IT is done properly, they can help you to increase your capacity for revenue generation or prevent you from incurring costly downtime.

At Blazon Technologies, we specialized in protecting our clients’ network and data, ensuring they can keep running their business even if disaster strikes them. To find out how we can help you with your security and protection, contact us for more information.